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Fashion Should Feel Good

On 24 April 2013, 1.134 people were killed and over 2.500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex, a textile factory, collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This tragedy was caused by multinationals in the fast fashion industry who don't really care about people who make the clothes.

This disaster led to the creation of the "Fashion Revolution" movement. This worldwide movement wants to change the story of the people who make the clothes. They want fashion to become a force for good. They are calling fast fashion industry for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics.

They believe that transparency is the first step to transform the textile industry.

And it starts with one simple question : "Who made my clothes ?"

LEIZUU was launched in September 2016 to give you a transparent answer to that question.

« We made your clothes in a most ethical and sustainable way as possible. »

Ethical? We committed ourselves to respect all the people directly involved in our business. We work with Vietnamese tailors and assistants who are independent women fixing their own prices and establishing their own work schedule and conditions.

We believe in ethical fashion.

Sustainable? We use only resistant natural fabrics to make our garments such as silk, linen, hemp, and cotton. Moreover while running the business, we try to do everything in a sustainable way.

We are of course always looking for new eco-friendly alternatives and are keen to learn more. Please share with us your ideas!

We believe in sustainability.