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Stop sexual traffic

LEIZUU financially supports the NGO Hope Unending as much as possible. We believe in solidarity and empowerment.

Why this NGO in particular? When Ophélie arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, she volunteered for that organization "Hope Unending", during one year. As she believes a lot in their projects, she was willing to continue to support them.

What do they do exactly ? The NGO was set up to stop sexual traffic and help the victims to reintegrate the society. For doing this, they have developped two programs. 

1) Recovery Center for Vietnamese Victims 

They have opened a recovery center called "Home of Hope". They offer  education, professional trainings and recovery therapies. When the ladies are ready to reintegrate the society, the NGO will help them to find a suitable job and start a new decent life. 

2) Prevention & Awareness Program

They started in February 2017 a new program call "Prevention and Capacity Building Program". The aim of this new program is to give the tools to local social workers and authorities to be able to handle the situation themselves in their province. The NGO offers them social education and trainings. 

Visit the website to learn more about their great work, 

We believe in solidarity and empowerment.